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Castello Grinzane
Region: Piemonte
Zone: Pinerolese DOC

Pinerolese Ramie DOC

Facts about this wine

Wine: Red wine
Taste: Semi dry
Volume: Medium
Min. alcohol: 10%
Storage potential: 2 years

The grapes used in the production of this wine are grown exclusively in the municipalities of Pomaretto and Perosa Argentina, west of Turin, and the vineyards are located at about 1000 meter altitude.

For Pinerolese Ramie there are used the grapes Avana (30%), which are probably of French origin. Additionally, the wine composition includes Averengo grapes (15%) and Neretto grapes (minimum 20%).

The origin of the name remains quite a bit of a mystery, but experts believe that it could be a reference to the branches (rami) on trees that are being cut off to make room on the vineyards.

Pinerolese Ramie is produced in very limited quantities, with only a little over 3 hectares of vineyards around Pomaretto and Perosa Argentina, which yield only about 7.5 tons of grapes per year.

Ramie has a deep ruby color and a well-developed bouquet, reminiscent of red berries and the scent has a nice spicy note. It is a full-bodied, fresh and elegant wine, though it belongs to the slender end of the scale.

Served locally throughout the meal.

Great dishes to have with Pinerolese Ramie DOC

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