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Region: Piemonte

Dolcetto DOC(G)

Dolcetto is a grape variety grown in many areas of Piemonte. The wines made from Dolcetto are quite powerful, but at the same time sufficiently soft and fruity. They have great body and tend to have a slightly bittersweet taste.

Dolcetto (means slightly sweet) is referred to by some as Piemonte’s response to the French Beaujolais, but this definition is certainly not something winegrowers accept.

The Dolcetto grape is an early ripening variety, typically 2-4 weeks before the Nebbiolo and the Barbera grapes, which makes it interesting for producers to work with, as its use optimally facilitates the production of wine.

There are eight classic DOC(G) types of wine from Dolcetto, and the best wines generally come from the area around Alba, although the Dogliani area is also doing well.

Some producers start making more voluminous wines with more alcohol and greater aging potential, however, without reducing Dolcetto's fundamentally more light and elegant style's popularity.

Dolcetto generally offers fruity, dark wines, with a slightly acidic touch as well as a slightly sweetish note. The wines are in-between rich and easy to go to, with a typical taste of licorice, almond and red berries, with a slightly bitter aftertaste, providing a nice, fresh experience almost in every glass.

Along with Barbra, Dolcetto is fighting to occupy the first position among Piemonte’s favorite everyday wines.

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