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Region: Piemonte

Colline Novaresi DOC

In 1994, a small group of winegrowers in the province of Novara assigned their own DOC classification, thus Colline Novaresi DOC became reality. The appellation, located north of Piemonte, includes 26 municipalities and is 40 km west of Milan and 30 km south of the beautiful lake, Lago Maggiore.

The area is the same where the famous wines Ghemme, Sizzano, Boca and Fara are grown. In addition to wine, Colline Novaresi DOC is known for its many sausage and mushroom specialties and, of course, the lake’s fish.

The vines are grown in the hills around Novara and the types include the red grape Nebbiolo (loc. Spanna), Uva Rara (loc. Bonarda), Barbera, Vespolina and Croatina, a mixture of the aforementioned blue grapes and a white wine made from the Erbaluce grape.

Since there are quite a few variations in the zone, we have decided to present the most important ones here.

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