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Sardinia or Sardegna, Italy’s second largest island after Sicily , is in every way particular. There is a wide array of wines and if you are looking for something traditional and familiar, you should probably search elsewhere. On the other hand, if you want unusual wine experiences, Sardegna is the particular place to explore.

The reason for this Sardinian eccentricity lies in the island’s history. It is believed that residents came to the island via an isthmus, which in earlier times connected the island of Corsica, Elba and today’s mainland of Toscana . The island’s most tradition-bound inhabitants will speak the native language, Sardo, which sounds like some kind of neo-Latin, with a bit of Arabic and a bit of Spanish.

Despite its considerable size, Sardinia has always seemed somehow isolated, which has contributed to the mystic touch of the island. For instance, it is still a mystery what was the purpose of the countless “nuraghi”, which are some kind of massive stone towers found all around the island. Some believe these were part of a defense system, while others believe they were temples of worship.

Despite the incredibly beautiful and long coastline, residents have generally made a living from forestry, agriculture and sheep farming. Wine probably came to the island brought by Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, and especially by Spanish conquistadors in the 13th century.

The Spaniards wanted to conquer the island, but they did not succeed, ever. However, the Spanish were there long enough to at least put a wine mark on the island. This is reflected in the island’s dry sherry types, such as Vernaccia di Oristano, or in the port types, such as Alghero Liquoroso.

Today, Sardinia has 20 DOC(G) and 15 IGT, and red wines have the leading position. Additionally, there are also several white wines produced, as well as a great deal of light and fresh rosé wines in addition to the aforementioned, remarkable sherry and port types. Try, for example, the dessert wine Angelu Ruju from Sella& Mosca, which offers an overwhelming experience.

Overall, Sardinian wines offer an exciting “tour de force”, from the traditional to the bizarre.

Should you visit the island, stop by the Sella&Mosca, which has the largest vineyards in Europe and which is also known for very high quality and countless award-winning wines.

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