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1. Definitions

The following are parties to the agreement the person or company acting on this website, and the seller iWine Guides s.m.b.a. (The natural or legal person who accepts the order confirmation the buyer's order and sells the goods ordered).

2. Prices

All prices are in Danish kroner (DKK) and incl. VAT and only valid on the day of ordering. Therefore there may be price changes. Furthermore, all products are subject to error. All prices are only valid for online bookings. By purchasing access to the website applies the price of 1 year of access from the purchase date.

3. Payment

You can pay with the debit card, available via Paypal. There can therefore be paid with VISA, Mastercard and a number of other credit cards.

4. Billing

In selling to VAT-registered company forwarded no paper invoice, but electronic invoice. If you want separate paper invoice calculated a billing fee of kr. 100.00 excl. VAT.

5. Returns

Since this is an online service that can be used with the same shall receive no return on the product.

6. Complaints

Any complaints about defects in products delivered must be made immediately, or at least within a reasonable time after discovery. Otherwise, you forfeit your right to claim you lack. Please set and upon request, show the defect. Invoice or online receipt must be presented to us by the use of complaints.

The warranty does not cover defects or damage caused by direct misuse.

7. Uptime

At present, the current uptime of 99%, and by monitoring the aim is that this high level is maintained. However, there may be periods of updates and downtime due to maintenance and fault that occurred. The buyer is aware of and accept these necessary but short periods of time and understand that they are included in the price.

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