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Privacy Policy

Italian Wine Guide (henceforth IWG) is published by Evergreen Internet ApS, Denmark. This privacy policy covers our web site and email newsletters, as well as other future digital products such as apps etc.….

Our postal address is: 

Evergreen Internet ApS
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The information we collect is used to improve the content of our web site, email newsletters, apps and other digital products, used to notify consumers about updates to our web site and in the future used by us to contact consumers for marketing purposes. Obviously, we do not share the information with other organizations for any purpose.

When you sign up for an account/subscription on our web site or register for receiving our newsletter, we may ask for your name, email and/or ZIP code and for your permission to send you e-mail. Of course, you can drop out at any time (which we hope not). You may receive periodic mailings from us with information on products and services or upcoming events. If at any time you which to drop out and no longer wish to receive such mailings from us, you simply unsubscribe using the link at the bottom of the e-mails. Of course, you can also drop out by sending an e-mail to us telling us that you do not want to receive e-mails from IWG anymore. In such case, please provide us with your exact name and address and we will be sure your name is removed from our servers.

Third Party Advertising
In the future, ads may appear on our web site delivered to you by a third-party advertising solution. While serving advertisements to our Web site, our third-party advertising solution may place or recognize a unique cookie on your browser. In such case, IWG do not collect any personal information such as name, address etc.

Refund policy
We do not provide refunds.

Did you know?

That Italy in 2011 was the worlds largest wine producer?