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Region: Piemonte

Monferrato DOC

In a hilly area southwest of Torino, in the provinces of Alessandria and Asti, there is Monferrato DOC, which includes 100 municipalities. In terms of length, Monferatto is the second largest district in Piemonte , surpassed only by the Piemonte DOC . p>

Previously, light-hearted, bubble wines were produced here and the zone had been standing, for this reason, in the shadow of more famous wines in Asti and Langhe . p>

Before 1994, the district had low end prices, but lately, this imbalance has been rectified, not least due to experimental winemakers who work with exciting grape blends.

Therefore, they work with the red grapes Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Nero, Nebbiolo and Barbera, with which producers have created their own interesting niche.

On the side of white wines experimentation also takes place, most of the focus being places on the Chardonnay, but the blend between Sauvignon and Cortese has provided so far most interesting results.

For the sake of completeness, there should be mentioned that Barbera del Monferrato DOC is actually the most dominant red wine in the area, but in connection with the DOC classification in 2004, this wine has its own independent DOC and is not officially in this zone.

Similarly produced Freisa d'Asti DOC in the same area as Monferrato Freisa DOC , and the same applies to Dolcetto d'Acqui DOC Dolcetto di Ovada and Dolcetto d'Asti DOC , all produced and grown in the vineyards of Monferrato Dolcetto . One should therefore not be confused about Monferrato DOC pockets of wines from the neighboring DOC zones. These must still comply with their own regulations, regardless of location. P>

Within Monferrato DOC there are produced two types of white wine, three red wines and one rosé. P>

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