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Region: Piemonte

Colli Tortonesi DOC

In a hilly strip of land in the Alessandria province, east of the city, we find the zone Colli Tortonesi, which includes 30 municipalities.

So far, Colli Tortonesi has been best known for its Barbera grape, but during the last 10 years, especially the white grape Timorasso has had a renaissance, achieving an almost cult-like status among its followers.

Historically, Colli Tortonesi has been under the rule of Pavia and Milan, its wines being purchased for the workforce that built the city’s cathedral, and the work in the wine cellars have been characterized more by Lombardy Milan) than Piemonte.

In total, there are licenses for 23 different wines under Colli Tortonesi DOC, so wine enthusiasts should have plenty of opportunities to establish some new, exciting relationships.

As for the grapes, there are many local and international varieties growing in the vineyards.

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