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Region: Piemonte

Bramaterra DOC

Facts about this wine

Wine: Red wine
Taste: Dry
Volume: Strong
Min. alcohol: 12%
Mandatory Storage: Min. 2 years
Storage potential: 10 years

Bramaterra DOC is a red wine grown on the Vercelli ridges of the city Bramaterra, southwest of Lake Maggiore in the province of Biella. The zone is adjacent to Gattinara and includes seven municipalities.

Grape composition consists of Nebbiolo, locally called Spanna (50-80%), Croatina (0-30%), Uva Rara (Bonarda Novarese) alone or together with Vespolina (0-20%).

Bramaterra DOC is a robust red wine with great body, and it develops in both harmony and grace after 4-8 years of aging. The wine has a garnet red color with orange reflections, which fades away with time. The bouquet is characteristic, intense and slightly ethereal, which also refines with age.

The taste is full-bodied, dry and soft, with a pleasant, slightly bitter aftertaste. All in all, this is a fine and harmonious wine, pleasant and well structured.

Mandatory aging period is 2 months starting on November 1st in the year of the harvest. 18 months must be in wooden barrels.

An aged Bramaterra Riserva DOC, with a mandatory aging period of 34 months of which 2 years in wooden barrels, is also produced.

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