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Region: Piemonte

Colline Saluzzesi DOC

In the hilly area between the towns of Cuneo and Pinerolo, in the northern part of Piemonte, south of Torino, lies the lesser known area named after the city of Saluzzesi.

The decision to award this zone DOC appellation in 1991 was based on the fact that the rather interesting and traditional wine making process in Colline Saluzzesi simply risked disappearing because it was based only on Quagliano, a very rare grape variety.

Quagliano vines are grown only in a small area bearing the same name, in the province of Cuneo, including the municipalities of Pagno and Piasco, as well as some parts of Castiglione Saluzzo, Manta, Verzuolo, Busca, Brondello, Castellar and, as mentioned, Saluzzo.

Quagliano is a very old grape variety which, if grown on specially protected aites, it can produce copious amounts of very sweet grapes. Previously, the grapes used to be eaten as dessert, after meals.

In addition to Quagliano, Colline Saluzzesi includes another local grape variety, Pelaverga, grown on sunny hillsides. Pelaverga provides a ruby red wine, with a fruity, sometimes spicy aroma, reminiscent of cherries and raspberries. Pelaverga is usually dry and balanced, but it can also be vinified as a sweet red wine with raspberry flavor.

In this zone there are produced four types of sweet and/or dry red wines.

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