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Region: Piemonte

Pinerolese DOC

The Pinerolese zone has 32 municipalities, including the city of Pinerolo, and is located in the Turin province. In addition, the zone also includes the villages Bagnolo and Barge, in the Cuneo province, situated at the foot of the Alps.

Two rare wines are cultivated in this area, for which experts have had a good eye.

The first is Doux d’Henry DOC, a red wine that has borrowed its name from the grape variety and a French king (read the story of the red wine Pinerolese Doux d’Henry DOC.

The second red wine is called Pinerolese Ramie DOC, a full-bodied wine produced only in the municipalities Pomaretto and Perosa Argentina, where the vines grow on tiny terraces along mountain cliffs, thus making these fields one of the world’s most beautifully situated working places.

In addition to these rare grape varieties, red and white wines are also produced from local Piedmontese grape varieties such as Barbera, Bonarda, Freisa and Dolcetto.

In theory, there are very exciting wines in Pinerolese, but the real world is heartless and merciless, for finding these wines outside the zone is extremely rare. If you prefer white wine, you will have to deal with another disappointment, as red wine is produced exclusively in Pinerolese. 

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