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Region: Trentino-Alto Adige
Zone: Trentino DOC

Trentino Superiore Castel Besono DOC

Trentino Superiore Castel Besono DOC (or Besono Trentino DOC) is the name of a sub-zone within the larger Trentino umbrella DOC. The zone is located in the province of Trento, just south of the provincial capital, and it is one of the best wine appellations in the province.

The vineyards of Trentino Castel Besono DOC are situated in the province of Trento, in the municipalities Besenello and Calliano. In order for the label to mention the name Castel Beseno (or Beseno), the grapes must be grown around the villages Calliano and the neighboring municipality of Besenello, located at the foot of the quite impressive and well-preserved medieval castle, Castel Beseno.

So far, in this zone there have been produced two types of wine, namely a sweet type and a Vendemmia Tardiva (late harvest) sweet dessert wine, made from dried grapes. Both types are made from the Moscato Giallo grape variety.

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