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Region: Trentino-Alto Adige
Zone: Trentino DOC

Trentino Superiore Marzemino Ziresi DOC

Trentino Superiore Marzemino Ziresi DOC (Trentino Superiore Marzemino dei Ziresi DOC) is a recent sub-zone of the larger Trentino DOC umbrella. The production area is located in the Adige Valley, just South of Trento, stretching along Highway 12 to the Volano village, in the South.

The name Ziresi shall be mentioned on the label only if the wine complies with the regulations of Trentino Superiore Marzemino DOC, which has aging requirements and a higher alcohol content.

The predominant grape of the area is Marzemino, also known as Uva Tedesca (meaning “German grape”), which is a reminder of the tumultuous political history of Trentino-Alto Adige, as well as of its location, between Italy and Germany/Austria.

Only red wines are produced so far in the zone, however Trentino Superiore Marzemino Isera DOC is considered to be the best wine on this grape variety in the region.

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