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Region: Tuscany

San Gimignano DOC

Even though San Gimignano in Toscana is most known for its Vernaccia di San Gimignano, made from the local grape of the same name, and red wines are also made in the zone.

San Gimignano is a quite new appellation (1996), and with its geological and climatic characteristics gives great possibilities for wine cultivators. A great amount of focus is placed on the climate and ecological aspects and, out of respect for the local nature, several wine producers use organic cultivation methods.

Wine cultivation is the most important economic activity in San Gimignano, and it contributes to a large extent to the area's employment.

San Gimignano is rich in history and culture. There is also large historical evidence for the region's red wine, once called Vino Nero by the locals, along with the zone's Vin Santo.

In San Gimignano, eight types of wine are produced under the DOC, all with the grapes from the hilly vineyards in the comune, which are situated 1640 to 1968 feet above sea level.

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