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Region: Tuscany

Val di Cornia DOC

We find Val di Cornia in the southwestern part of Tuscany, where the zone has a fantastic view of the Mediterranean island, Elba. The fields are located in the Suvereto and Sassetta comuni, parts of Piombino, San Vincenzo and Campiglia Marittima in the Livorno province, along with the Monteverdi comune in the Pisa province.

Suvereto is a sub-zone, where the wines always carry the comune's name on the label.

On the grape side, Val di Cornia af Sangiovese dominates, but other helping grapes are also used. There are also interesting varietals in the zone.

In combination with the fact that investors have shown interest in the area, its significance has increased exponentially, but it's probably doesn't hurt that the famous Bolgheri zone is so close by.

Beyond the varietals, the red wines are primarily based on Sangiovese. These wines are called either Rosso or Suvereto Sangiovese and can be excellent. And finally, there are many exciting IGT wines.

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