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Region: Tuscany
Zone: Chianti DOCG

Chianti Rùfina DOCG

Facts about this wine

Wine: Red wine
Taste: Dry
Volume: Strong
Min. alcohol: 12%
Mandatory Storage: Min. 8 mdr.
Storage potential: 10 years

At a point, things were about to go completely wrong for the Rùfina area, when they started blending southern grapes and concentrate in the wine, something which was about to totally destroy the zone's reputation. Prior to this, Rùfina's wines were known as having more strength, character and structure than the majority of the other Tuscan wines.

Fortunately, they are correcting their mistakes and the zone, which is located east of Florence, is the third-largest of the seven Chianti DOCG areas, and is placed, geographically-speaking, as one of Tuscany's most privileged wine areas. The relatively high sand and limestone-filled slopes of the Apennines, which surround the zone, in part protect the fields and at the same time provide the high daytime temperatures and cooler nights, which give more acidic wines with noticeable tannins. Thus is created one of the sharpest and most pronounced, elegant, fragrant red wines in all of Chianti.

Rùfina's wines have their own, exceedingly elegant and refined bouquet, and the producers are so proud of the wines that they, contrary to the majority of the other Chianti sub-zones, take pride in placing the Rùfina name on the label.

Mandatory aging: Until June 1 after the harvest year. Chianti Rùfina Riserva DOCG must contain a minimum 12.5% alcohol concentration and age a minimum 2 years, of which a minimum 6 months in the barrel and 3 months in the bottle.

Shelf life is up to 5 years. Riserva 10 years or more.

Chianti Rùfina DOCG is a sub-zone under Chianti DOCG. Additional background, history and facts about Chianti DOCG can be found here [read more…]