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Region: Tuscany

Capalpio DOC

As in so many other areas in Italy, the Capalpio zone also has tons of historical evidence proving that ancient Rome also produced and exported wine from here – in this case from the ancient Roman port in Cosa.

Also in the Middle Ages as well as in the 17th century, wine was produced and exported from here.

Capalbio is a relatively new DOC (1999) and is the designation for wines produced in the hilly areas in the southern part of the Grosseto province in Tuscany, the southern-most DOC zone in Tuscany - an area on the border of the nature reserve, Maremma, and located in the Magliano, Capalbio, Orbetello and Marciano comuni.

In the same zone you'll find two other DOCs, Parrina DOC and Ansonica Costa dell'Argentario DOC, which testifies to the centuries-long wine growing tradition in this region.

Capalbio covers both red and white grapes on the sun-soaked vineyards, which are beautifully placed close to the Mediterranean coast.

The menu includes red and white wine, rosé and dessert wine. The Sangiovese-based red wines are especially promising.

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