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Region: Tuscany

Parrina DOC


Parrina lies in the Orbetello comune in the Grosseto province in the southwestern corner of Tuscany, and is a little area in the Maremma zone. It stretches from Albina to Ansedonia and on to the Argentario peninsula. The area is partially bordered by the Albegna River.

The name, Parrina, is taken from the Spanish word ”parra”, which means ’wine and pergola’. The first time the name Parrina appears is in the 17th century, and that is in connection with a group of pirates of Spanish descent who occupied the area.

This explanation, however, has been challenged, and opponents claim that the area's name comes from a group of monks called ’Parrini’, who established a monastery in the area around the 12th century.

While the experts fight over origins, the rest of us can enjoy the exciting wines from this region. For example, the Italian oenologist and secretary, Arturo Marescalchi (1869-1955) described the vineyards, along with others in the Argentario district, as ”some of the finest in Tuscany”.

In recent years, wine cultivation has taken a considerable step forward through the expansion of vineyards and the institution of new cultivation techniques, and the result is a considerable increase in quality.

Parrina is a quite small zone, and like the wines from Sassicaia, it can almost be described as a private DOC appellation (1971), since the name refers to the La Parrina vineyard, whose versions of especially the Sangiovese-based red wines are especially nice.

La Parrina produces two types of red wine, a white wine and a rosé (Rosato).


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