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Region: Tuscany
Zone: Chianti DOCG

Chianti Colli Montalbano DOCG

Facts about this wine

Wine: Red wine
Taste: Dry
Volume: Medium
Min. alcohol: 11.5%
Mandatory Storage: Min. 5 mdr.
Storage potential: 10 years

The grapes for Chianti Colli Montalbano DOCG come from the fields located southwest of Prato, around the beautiful mountain, Montalbano, and cover a portion of the Carmignano DOCG zone, from which it was, in 1975, separated and made into an independent sub-zone, a move met with much shouting, screaming and resistance from the other Montalbano producers.

The Carmignano producers also had permission to work with Chianti types from Montalbano, but their energy and grapes were mostly used for their own wine, and the Montalbano wines had a difficult time living up to the former family members' elegant red wines. This sub-zone designation is also rarely shown on the label.

Cultivation conditions vary greatly, from the sun-dried western hills to the higher and more tree-covered eastern hills, but generally the product is youthful and fruity Chianti that should be consumed young, preferably within 1-5 years.

Mandatory aging: Until March 1 after the harvest year; Chianti Colli Montalbano Riserva DOCG must contain a minimum 12.5% alcohol concentration and at least 2 years aging, of which 3 months in the bottle.

Shelf life is up to 5 years. Riserva 10 years or more.

Chianti Colli Montalbano DOCG is a sub-zone under Chianti DOCG. Additional background, history and facts about Chianti DOCG can be found here [read more…]