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Vinmarker omkring Montalcino, Toscana
Region: Tuscany
Zone: Orcia DOC

Orcia Vin Santo DOC

Facts about this wine

Wine: White wine
Kind: Sweet wine
Taste: Sweetish
Volume: Strong
Min. alcohol: 16%
Mandatory Storage: Min. 3 years
Storage potential: 8 years

Orcia Vin Santo is a dessert wine made from the grapes Trebbiano Toscano and/or Malvasia Bianca Lunga (50-100%). Additionally, up to 50% local, non-aromatic green grapes can also be used.

The grapes are selected and plucked carefully, after which they are allowed to dry naturally until they are almost the size of raisins. This process must take place between December 1 in the year of the harvest and March 31 the year after the harvest.

The color varies from straw yellow to gold to an intense amber. The bouquet is intense and ethereal, with a characteristic aroma. The taste is balanced, smooth and ample.

The mandatory aging period is 3 years and must take place in the small, traditional oak barrels (Caratelli).

Enjoyed locally with desserts.

Great dishes to have with Orcia Vin Santo DOC

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