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Region: Calabria

Donnici DOC

The wines of Donnici are produced over a wide area which stretches from the western slopes of the Sila mountains to the coast of the Tyrrhenian sea. The center of greatest production is the Crati valley which stretches northward and in Savuto valley which stretches toward the south. Of the two, the Crati zone is the more significant.

Reds in this zone are predominantly based on Gaglioppo and Greco Nero, heavily cultivated in the Crati valley. Among the white grapes used the most important are Montonico and Malvasia along with the recently introduced Pecorello.

Donicci DOC encompasses ten comunes in the province of Cosenza, including the eponymous town, Cosenza. This provincial capital is located between the Sila ridges and the mountain slopes of Paola. The Crati valley is the only passage out from the reservoir created by the mountains and its strategic location is undoubtedly the reason the Brutti tribe chose this spot to build their town. The Bruttii were at one time a proud and brave mountain people who never quite accepted dominance by outside forces.

Vineyards can be found here at elevations ranging between 300 and 600 meters above sea level.

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