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Region: Calabria

San Vito di Luzzi DOC

Located in Cosenza province, in the vicinity of San Vito village, Luzzi comune, wines from this mid-Calabrian zone are quite interesting. A glance at wine production here since DOC designation in 1994 shows a steady increase in quality.

Despite lying in a quite remote part of Calabria, the wines of San Vito di Luzzi were prized even in Roman times. And when speaking of wine and alcohol, one cannot avoid speaking also of monks. Those cowled connoisseurs announced their arrival on the San Vito wine scene when the Cistercians built the renowned Sambucina monastery. This gave a further boost to wine production in Luzzi, so clearly some of the wine must have left the monastery - for a reasonable sum, of course.

San Vito di Luzzi produces three types - a red, a white and a rosé and until recently the zone had gone relatively unnoticed, though the hilly area around the Crati river produces wine which can easily match the best from Calabria.

An area of huge potential and worth keeping an eye on.

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