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Region: Calabria

Melissa DOC

The story of Melissa is closely bound up with its legendary founder, the Cretan prince Melisseus, who is said to have migrated to Sicily with Minos. After the death of his master, Melisseus sailed from the island and was driven by the wind along the Ionian coast to Calabria. Eventually making landfall at the site of the modern day town of Melissa, he founded the colony which took his name.

The descendants of Melisseus were farmers and developed a distinct flair for viticulture, transforming the surrounding landscape into extensive, lush vineyards. The resulting wine was highly prized for its aroma, sweetness and refined taste.

So much for the legend.

According to experts, the name Melissa originates from the Greek word for sweetness. The opposing term would be Cirò, the adjacent zone to the north, whose name means "bitter" or "acrid". These names reflect, in fact, the characteristics of the wines produced in these two zones today. This helps in identifying the areas and wines produced there.

During the Roman era, Melissa was celebrated as a district of great wine. Both Ovid and Pliny the Elder mention the wines of Melissa in their writings. 

These days, wine production is flourishing in Melissa but, unfortunately, quality lags somewhat behind the vaunted greatness of earlier times.

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That Italy in 2011 was the worlds largest wine producer?