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Region: Calabria

Lamezia DOC

The reds and rosés (Rosato) of Lamezia are dry wines based primarily on the grapes Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Capuccio, Gagliopppo and Greco Nero. The vineyards lie around the towns of Lamezia Terme, Sant'Eufemia, Nicastro and Sambiase Filadelfia southwest of Catanzaro.

The town of Cantanzaro was founded by Byzantine Greeks on the site of previous settlements. Later it became an important administrative center under Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V. Today it is a dynamic commercial center, perhaps more active now that at any time since the silk industry flourished here in the fifteenth century. Silk production ebbed slowly out until finally dying in the seventeenth century. At its peak, though, the town could boast one thousand active looms.

Silk looms have today been replaced by cherry red and pink tinted wines, which at one time commanded a good deal of respect. As in the past, grapes are cultivated on hillsides facing westward toward the Golfo di Sant'Eufemia around the towns of Lamezia Terme and Nicastro along with a further eight comunes in Cantanzaro province.

Unfortunately, Lamezia had almost vanished completely from the world of wine but some years ago permission was granted to expand the DOC classification to include white and rosé wine and it seems now that things are stirring once more.

At the same time cultivators have gradually moved the areas of cultivation further from the coast and higher up in the milder hill region, which has resulted in fresher, better structured, frankly longer lasting wines that promise to age well over some years.

The white wine from this zone is dry and based on Greco Bianco grapes while the rosé (Rosato) utilizes the same grapes as the red. It will certainly be interesting to follow developments in this zone.

Where in the past we would have spoken of average, almost boring wines, these days quality is often high and at times almost exceptional.

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