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Wine for Mature cheese?

We've found 51 wine(s) in our Italian Wine Guide which are good for Mature cheese.

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Region: Calabria

Scavigna DOC

The DOC includes vineyards in Nocerna, Terinese and Falerna comunes in Cantanzaro province, Calabria, overlapping thereby, on the lower reaches of the Savuto river where it flows into the Thyrrenian Sea, the neighboring DOC to the north, Savuto.

At elevations ranging between 250 to 800 meters, the vineyards of Scavigna DOC are, by their very nature, remarkably beautiful in their setting. The soil, consisting primarily of gravel deposits mixed with clay, coupled with the often cool climate, creates ideal conditions to produce elegant, full-bodied reds and fresh white wines.

As is frequently the case in Calabria, reds dominate with Gaglioppo grapes leading the way. 


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That Italy in 2011 was the worlds largest wine producer?