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Region: Calabria

Verbicaro DOC

In northwestern Calabria, west of the Monte Pollino massif and close to the Thyrennian Sea, we find Verbicaro. The area of cultivation includes the towns of Verbicara, Grisolia, Orsomaso, Santa Domenica Talao and Santa Maria del Cedro, all in the province of Cosenza.

There is ample evidence that, in the gilded days of the Roman Empire, it was common to come to Verbicaro to purchase the glorious local grape nectar which, then as now, was fermented and stored in the dimly lit 'catuvi' (cellars).

In earlier days, grapes were harvested and transported by mule or donkey to so-called 'parmienti' to be crushed barefoot by local peasants.

The first must was stored in vats, while the remainder was extracted using manual presses. Afterwards, the must was taken to 'catuvi' in goatskin bags where it was then transferred to wooden casks to ferment.

Fermentation continued until the eighth of December, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, when the new wine could be tasted for the first time, making the eighth of December the date of the local fiesta, "Perciavutti" when wine casks are broached and celebrants throng the streets.

Verbicaro DOC has yet to make its mark to the degree other wine zones in the south of the region have done.

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