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Region: Calabria

Cirò DOC

Cirò is probably the best known Calabrian wine and according to legend Calabrian athletes toasted victory in the ancient Olympics with a wine known as 'Krimisa' (Crimisa or Crimissa). It's said that this is the self-same Cirò we drink today. A number of similar fables exist and it must be said that a deal of Cirò's fame today rests as much on these romantic tales as on its own merits.

Today's Cirò Classico area lies on the slopes of the east coast of the Calabrian Peninsula around the coastal town of Cirò Marina and the hill town of Cirò, which in ancient times was home to the temple of Cremista, dedicated to Bacchus.

The climate of Cirò DOC is extremely dry but nevertheless its clay rich soils hold moisture admirably.

The reds are dry and vigorous, while the whites are fresh and drinkable and the rosés are equally charming and fresh.

In fairness, it must be said that things are beginning to happen in the zone. Dedicated producers such as Librandi, Francesco Siciliana and Fattoria San Francesco have initiated some positive developments where, with the help of early harvesting, they have improved both vinification and aging processes thereby giving Cirò Rosso and Bianco greater balance and storage potential.

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