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Region: Abruzzo

Tullum DOC (Terre Tollesi DOC)

Tullum DOC, or Terre Tollesi (Tollesi's field) is the fifth DOC(G) wine in Abruzzo and one of Italy's newest (2008). With vineyards covering an area of only 300 hectare, Tullum DOC is absolutely one of the smallest. The zone is a so-called ”umbrella DOC” from the Tollo municipality in the Chieti province, home of Cantina Tollo, one of the region's largest wine cooperatives.

Tullum is located about 5 km. (3 miles) from the Adriatic Sea and about 30 km. (19 miles) from Mount Majella. The area enjoys a perfect micro climate that is the result of a unique mix of sea breeze from the Adriatic and the short distance between Majella and the sea. This combination supposedly contributes a special taste to the wine.

Tullum's wine tradition has its roots from Roman times, from which time production continued up through the Middle Ages, and already in the 18th century Tullum wine had acheived great popularity in the Naples Kingdom. In addition to its long history, this area also distinguishes itself with the particular characteristics of its micro climate.

The Catholic Church has, as is known, always been a great fan of wine and always had an interest in wine production. Not surprisingly, a document has been found in Naples, from the priest Bernardo Maria Valera, who in 1747 ceremoniously (and, one can sense, with tears in his eyes) declared: ”Tullum, this little land, not far from the Adriatic Sea, you are celebrated for your wine.”

In 1835, Antonio Bozzamini wrote in his work ”Dizionario Enciclopedico” about Tullum's location and potential: ”Tollo is the capital of the area, pleasant and beautiful, as it lies and gazes out over the hills surrounded by two brooks, two churches and countryside, well-suited to wine and oil in abundance.”

In other words, the potential has always been there for this zone.

Tullum's wine must be produced from grapes cultivated in and around the city of Tollo, and it's also mandatory that the wines are bottled in Tullum. Grapes that are cultivated in the valley, or less than 80 meters (262 feet) from the sea, are not allowed to be used. There are also strict cultivation-related limits per hectare.

During the first production years, the Tullum DOC only expects a potential of 55,000 bottles divided across 13 different wine varieties of red, white, sparkling and dessert wine.

The first wine, a white wine, was released on the market in 2009 and Tullum's red wines hit the market in 2010 in the form of Tullum Rosso DOC and Tullum Rosso Riserva DOC.

Since the zone is very new, we can only provide very brief descriptions of its wines.

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