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Region: Lazio

Terracina DOC (Moscato di Terracina DOC)

Terracina DOC, or Moscato di Terracina DOC, was appointed DOC in 2007, and its first wines under the new appellation saw the light of day the following year.

Being located in the south of its neighboring Aprilia DOC and Circeo DOC, in the southern part of Agro Pontine, on the beautiful Riviera D’Ulisse coastline, the vineyards of Terracina are quite close to the shore. Previously, this was just a large marsh area, but in the 1920s, during the Mussolini era, it was drained and became quite fruitful.

The wines come from vineyards in the municipalities of Monte San Biagio, Sonnino in Latina and Terracina, and there are sweet and dry wines, all made from the Moscato grape. The best bottles are produced from the grapes of the vineyards on the south-east-facing slopes of the coastal hills, where the topography in some places is so dramatic that it increases up to 915 meters just 3 kilometers from the coast.

According to the legend, there was a sorceress, the tough lady from Homer’s “Odyssey”, who used to wander around these places. Legend or not, her name is nevertheless reflected in a variety of landmarks and geographical features of the region, including the neighboring zone Circeo DOC, which bears the witch’s Italian name. It remains unknown whether it was the wine, witchcraft or women list, but the nice, hospitable lady managed to keep Odysseus and his paladin men on the island for a whole year.

One does not need so much time today, but if you like sweet dessert wines, Terracina DOC is worth a visit. If the rest of the family prefers spending time at the beach, fortunately it is just nearby.

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