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Region: Lazio

Cerveteri DOC

Cerveteri DOC is located in a hilly area located just west of Rome and stretches up along the Mediterranean coast, close to the border with the province of Viterbo, in the north.

The wines bear the name of the city Cerveteri, which, in antiquity, was called Caere. At the time, the area was dominated by Etruscans, but their wine was probably influenced by the early Roman settlers in the East.

Today, the dominant wine is Cerveteri Bianco, which is produced from an impressive amount of grapes. The red wine is not popular locally, but it is, nevertheless, considered to be among the best red DOC wines in Lazio.

The local DOC types do not play such a great role as common table wines do (VdT), merrily filled up on plastic jars in supermarkets or directly from the producers.

As so often in the Lazio region, wine can be found in dry, sweet and lightly sparkling types.  

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