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Region: Lazio

Genazzano DOC

On the southern slopes of Monti Prenestini, approximately 45 kilometers east of Rome, lies the Genazzano DOC wine zone. The beautiful hills are covered with chestnut and olive trees, and the area has a beautiful view of Valle del Sacco.

Genazzano is a very old city which, in pre-Roman times, was probably a garrison town. Some believe that the name of the city can be traced to the gymnastic play called Ginnasiano, which, in ancient times, was held in a large villa located northeast of the present city. The slightly isolated location of Genazzano city gives it a distinctive sense of intimacy.

In addition to cultivating fruit, Genezzano has been known, since the middle ages, for its wines. Vines are planted on large areas and the wines produced in this zone constitute serious competition to the neighboring zones, Castelli Romani DOC and Olevani Romano DOC, which also supply the Roman market with wine.

Genazzano DOC produces a red wine and a white wine. 

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