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Region: Lazio

Tarquinia DOC

Tarquinia DOC covers a fairly large area, approximately 20 kilometers east of Rome between the Capital province and Viterbo. West of Viterbo, along the Tyrrhenian coast, the zone stretches from Montalto di Castro and almost to Fiumicino in the south, and inland from Monti Cimini in the northeast, to Monti della Tolfa in the northwest. There are vineyards in 15 municipalities in the province of Rome, and another 15 in Viterbo.

Ancient Tarquinia was originally an important and heavily fortified Etruscan city, strategically located on one of the Civita hills, but after the invasions of the barbarians and subsequent malaria epidemics in the 7th century CE, it was abandoned and moved to the nearby Corneto hills, which later became fortified with city walls.

Tarquinia is adorned with beautiful towers and Romanesque churches, and archaeology buffs will have a great time visiting the painted tomb chambers dating 600-200 BC, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the ring surrounding the town. There are also beautiful bronze works from the Iron Age, imported Greek vases and stone sarcophagi.

With regard to wine, it is a very traditional area without much innovation, in which there is produced a white wine, a red wine and a Rosato (rosé).

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