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Region: Lazio

Cori DOC

There are two types of wine produced around the city of Cori and in parts if the Cisterna municipality, located approximately 40 kilometers southeast of Rome, in the province of Latina. While the city is rather undiscovered, it is very much worth a visit, as it lies on the northwest side of the Monti Lepini mountain, 400 meters above sea level.

One can still see the so-called “cyclopean walls”, an imposing 2.5 kilometers masonry defense structure that stretches around Cori. The walls are made of accurately customized stones and they date back to around 1800 BC.

According to the legend, one-eyed giants, namely Cyclops, built the walls. Wise people, however, determined that it must have been impossible to build so accurately having only one eye and big, bulky hands, so they attributed the construction to the migrating tribes from the Greek peninsula Achaia, knocking down the otherwise exotic legend. What would the world be without experts?

Visitors can, however, also see a wide range of interesting and exciting ruins from the Roman period, including the temples of Hercules, Castor and Pollux, Minerva and many more.

The hilly nature of the terrain surrounding Cori is perfect for the cultivation of wine and olives. Because of the very limited wine production, the zone is rather unknown to wine connoisseurs. Rome is the biggest market for the wines from this beautiful area.

In Cori DOC there are produced two types of wine, a white one and a red one. 

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