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Region: Lazio

Nettuno DOC

Approximately 60 kilometers south of Rome towards the Tyrrhenian Sea, there is the town of Anzio, one of the most important landing sites for the Allies during World War II. There is also a small seaside resort, Nettuno, which is also the name of the wine zone.

In Nettuno DOC, there is a perfect mixture of soil conditions and favorable microclimate, created by a combination of solar radiation at the sea surface and gentle sea breeze.

For centuries, the zone has been home to the native green grape variety, Cacchione (locally known as Bellone), which really thrives through the district’s siliceous soils.

In addition to white wine, in this zone there is produced a single red wine, as well as a Rosato (rosé), but it would probably be an exaggeration to claim that the wines from Nettuno DOC have put a distinctive mark on the wine history.

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