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Region: Lazio

Vignanello DOC

Vignanello DOC is a relatively small, but charming zone located in the northwestern part of Lazio, comprising the municipalities Vignanello, Vasanello, Bassano in Teverina, Corchiano and parts of Soriano del Cimino, Fabrica di Roma and Gallese, all located in the Viterbo province.

The area is located in the low Cimini hills, just east of Lago di Vico, which is one of the several volcanic lakes existing in this part of Lazio, where the slopes go down to the Tiber river.

There is historical evidence of viticulture in these parts since prehistoric times. For archaeology buffs, there are interesting excavations of Etruscan settlements in Molesino, one of Vignanello’s neighboring towns, as well as a burial ground from the same period, located in the nearby valley with a less inviting name, Valle della Cupa, “the gloomy valley”.

Vignanello’s historic center is practically built on a large tufa (tophus) plateau, and under the city there is a dense maze of corridors and caves protected on three sides by deep valleys and, on the fourth side by a castle.

There is some uncertainty regarding the Vignanello’s genesis. Some argue that the Romans built the current center during the escape from the Visigoths in the year 410 CE. Other historians argue that it was built in the year 412 CE, and that it in fact was first called Giulianello, in the honor of Julia, the daughter of King Pontus, who had fallen out of grace and was, therefore, banished there. Giulianello turned into Villianello and eventually to Vignanello.

There may be some truth in the second hypothesis, because according to the local tradition, wine (vigna) was grown in the middle of the village square.

Both stories are charming, but regardless which one is true, the town offers a view over the beautiful landscape, which could not have had a more suitable name, since there are vineyards as far as the eye, can reach.

The production in the zone consists red, white, rosé (Rosato) and a Spumante wine.

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