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Region: Lazio

Aprilia DOC

From a historical point of view it should be hopelessly impossible to grow wine in Aprilia DOC which is located southeast of Rome, in the Latina province. For thousands of years, it was just a flat, swampy marsh, where no one in their wildest dreams had imagined to see at some point lush vineyards.

The marshes in Agro Pontino stand as unique examples of the Italian hard work for the production of wine. With a combination of political will and commitment, sufficient resources in terms of manpower, proper equipment and funding, the community managed to transform a swampy area filled with a couple of centuries of waste into a lush wine-growing area, where now there are produced two red wines and a white wine under the DOC appellation.

During the 1970s, Aprilia DOC experienced a growing demand of high quality wines, prompting the producers from the region to rethink the working and production methods. Among others, new ones replaced old vine training systems and the density of vines planted in rows per hectare increased. On almost every vineyard, there were large parts of the estate devoted to experimentation with different wine-growing techniques, a process monitored by the students from different wine research institutions in Rome.

Generally, producers are highly keen to commit to innovation, and the effect is now about to transpire in the Aprilia DOC wines.

The Aprilia DOC title covers red wines, white wines and a rosé (Rosato).

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