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Emilia Romagna landskab 4
Region: Emilia-Romagna
Zone: Reggiano DOC

Reggiano Lambrusco Salamino DOC

Facts about this wine

Wine: Red wine
Taste: From dry to sweet
Volume: Medium
Min. alcohol: 10.5%
Storage potential: 1 year

Reggiano Lambrusco Salamino DOC is a red wine grown in the municipalities of Reggio Emilia, Rubiera, San Martino in Rio, Rio Saliceto, Campagnola, Rolo, Fabrico, Bagnolo in Piano, Guastalla and Novellara.

Actually, this is a new variant of Salamino, consisting of Lambrusco Salamino grapes (85-100%), with the permitted addition of Ancolletta (which adds color) and/or Lambrusco Mariani and Lambrusco di Sorbara (0-15%).

Reggiano Lambrusco Salamino DOC is a fruity, almost floral wine, with a fresh and captivating scent. The color ranges from red to pink and the bouquet is inviting and distinctive, ranging from flowers to fruity flavors, and a dry to medium sweet to sweet taste.

The red wine is available both as still and as Frizzante. Both types should be drunk within 1 year.

The dry type may be enjoyed with most meals, while the sweet type is a good accompaniment of dessert.

Great dishes to have with Reggiano Lambrusco Salamino DOC

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