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Region: Emilia-Romagna

Colli di Faenza DOC

Faenza is an attractive city of Roman origin, very rich in art treasures. The city’s specialty, the exquisite, handcrafted pottery, made it famous in many parts of Europe during the Renaissance. The very name of the city means “pottery” in many European languages, from the French “faiance”, to the English “faience” and the “fajance” in Danish.

Wine has been produced in Colli di Faenza DOC and in the hills around Faenza for centuries, but back then it was a daily wine, without personality. In the late 1970’s, some foreign wine producers came to the area, but they were more attracted by its beauty than by its potential for viticulture.

However, luckily these wine producers brought along not only new grape varieties, but also techniques that very quickly led to good results, meaning a series of highly acclaimed wines.

The vineyards are located mainly around the cities of Brissighella, Carola Valsenio, Riolo Terme and parts of Faenza, Castelbolognese in the province of Ravenna, and Modigliani and parts of Tredozio in the Forli province. 

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