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Region: Emilia-Romagna

Pagadebit di Romagna DOC

Pagadebit di Romagna DOC is a vast area stretching from the middle of the Emilia-Romagna region to the coast of the Adriatic Sea, in the provinces of Ravenna and Forli-Cesena.

“Pagadebit” (synonym for the grape Bombino Bianco), literally means “pay the debt” but from the point of view of the production, the name does make sense. The fact is that Pagadebit is a highly productive variety with a hard skin, which makes it extremely resistant to parasites and unfavorable climatic conditions. In years with poor harvest, Pagadebit is the only grape variety that does not succumb, therefore meaning that winegrowers can rely on it, the grape thus paying its debts (pagare un débito)… or at least some repayments.

In the early 1970s, Pagadebit di Romagna DOC almost disappeared from the wine map, but thanks to the new, modern production methods and to the extraordinary effort of the producers from the Bertinoro area, the wine has gained new momentum. The increased demand and the DOC classification in 1989 gave it a final push, but the wines are nothing special.

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