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Region: Emilia-Romagna

Colli di Rimini DOC

In Northern European countries, Rimini is best known for its beaches and hectic nightlife, but behind all these there is, nevertheless, a landscape filled with fortresses, medieval castles, hills, and, last but not least, vineyards.

Colli di Rimini have a landscape with a rich history, able to produce strong emotions to anyone who has seen not only the beautiful and quiet autumn landscape, but also the mild winters, the colorful spring and the quiet summers.

The hectic beach life has, unfortunately, partially left the underlying vineyards in a state of quiet resignation, and it has not exactly motivated the wine growers to produce quality, but rather quantity. Fortunately, that is about to change.

In the past twenty years, a handful of serious producers have made great efforts to gradually increase the level of quality, which culminated in 1996, when Colli di Rimini was awarded its own DOC.

Colli di Rimini DOC includes several types of wine made from local grapes, for example the white wine Colli di Rimini Biancame DOC, which goes well with fish dish, but the one that deserves attention is the rare dessert wine Colli di Rimini Rebola DOC.

Regardless of the long wine list, wines from Colli di Rimini DOC are almost a rarity. Perhaps someone should consider paying finder's fee to those who are able to find the rare wines outside the district's boundaries.

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