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Region: Emilia-Romagna

Romagna Albana DOCG

Since the local wine authorities, Ente Tutela Vini Romagnoli, raised the white Albana di Romagna to DOCG in 1987, they created a commotion, to say the least. Many believed that this was the result of a purely political decision and for this very reason, the character of the wine – or the lack thereof – is subject of debate. This is such a pity, since many producers make really good wines of this type.

In 2011, Albana di Romagna DOCG changed its name to Romagna Albana DOCG.

The wine is grown and produced in a strip of land in the Apennines, stretching east of Bologna to the Adriatic Sea. The zone includes 23 municipalities in the Bologna province, as well as in Forli-Cesena and Ravenna.

In the Roman era, the Albana wines were bubbly and mostly sweet which is due to the grape. The variety was called a ‘sugar machine’ as it naturally produces very high sugar content. However, after obtaining its DOCG status, there have been some positive aspects.

Among others, various wines of other sub-zones were denied the DOCG, as quality now are favored over quantity, which has determined the dry white wines to dominate more than they did in the past, in relation to the sweet, bubbly wines. Furthermore, the vines are now placed on the hills rather than on the lower areas, which has proved to offer lower yield and slower ripening, thus a better fragrance.

Romagna Albana DOCG should not be confused with the sparkling Romagna Albana Spumante, which is still “only” a DOC wine.

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