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Region: Emilia-Romagna

Reno DOC

Reno DOC is located between the huge Lambrusco production area and Romagna DOC, in the flat area between Bologna and Imola, where the river Reno cuts through.

Until the late 1990’s, the sole wine variety of the region was Montuni del Reno, a white wine made from the local white grape, Montu. The grape was grown anywhere it could be squeezed in, between the Lambrusco-dominated Bologna province and the nearby province of Modena. The variety reached its greatest prevalence towards the end of the last century, but it is also encountered in Romagna, where it is known as Bianchina or Bianchetto.

The origin of Montu is uncertain, but the most commonly accepted theory suggests that it comes from a Spanish variety known as Mantu, a very common grape in Alicante. New studies, however, have shown that this is actually a clone of the Spanish grape, and since the Bologna area’s winegrowers discovered that it had a built-in strength against parasite infestations while producing an excellent wine, the interest in it grew more and more. Agronomists isolated the grape and formed the variety to what we know today.

In addition to the white Reno Montuni DOC, the Reno DOC classification allows the production of two other white wines, Reno Bianco DOC and Reno Pignoletto DOC.

The zone includes 28 municipalities of the Bologna province, as well as 5 municipalities of the Modena province.

As something quite unusual for wines from Emilia-Romagna, Reno DOC until now is a bubble-free zone, producing only still wines that are either dry or more or less sweet. 

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