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Region: Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Collio Goriziano DOC

Wine has been cultivated in what we call today Collio Goriziano (or simply Collio DOC) since time immemorial, and through the centuries, this life-long production has had infinite importance to the region’s economy.

Ancient Greek writers had already mentioned a wine called “Adriano”, which grew in the district, and later, the Roman statesman Flavius Cassiodorus (c 485-585 CE) mentioned in a letter that the areas Veneto, Gorizia and Istria were “relatively well blessed” with regard to cultivation conditions. He wrote that Istria had “first and foremost, an abundance of vineyards and fruit orchards”.

Collio (meaning “hills”) is a relatively small district in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, stretching from the north down to the eastern border to Slovenia and from Gorizia in a straight line west to Cormons, between the rivers Isonzo and Judrio. Finally, there is an isolated enclave in some hills just north of Gradizca d’Isonzo, called Forza d’Isonzo. Although the area does not have significant differences of altitude (100-275 meters), there are still references to the low range (basso) and the high range (alto).

The low range is a wide strip of land between the cities Brezzano and Mossa, where the mild breeze of the Adriatic Sea helps the grapes through a relatively rapid maturation. These conditions provide elegant, complex and extremely elegant white wines, with a mineral touch – undoubtedly, the marl and the sandstone soil significantly contribute to these properties.

The higher area is divided into two and it is more affected by the cold winds of the mountains. One area (approximately 275 meters above sea level) is located north of Gorizia, with San Floriano and Oslavia as the most important villages. The second area is located west, on the border with Colli Orientali del Friuli DOC(G), and the most important villages there are Ruttars and Dolegna. 

Collio Goriziano DOC has one of Europe’s most interesting and unique microclimates, providing not only white wines with an extremely interesting bouquet and a fine structure, but also rich, ample, full-bodied red wines.

Unlike most other wine zones in Italy, the reputation of Collio for top white wines has been built by small producers, who have proven that it is possible to produce world-class white wine from almost unknown, local grapes, as well as from international varieties.

Collio Goriziano DOC so far produces twelve white and five red single varietal wines, as well as the very interesting white Collio Bianco DOC and red Collio Rosso DOC, both based on a blend of interesting grapes.

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