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Region: Basilicata

Matera DOC

The Greeks called Southern Italy “Enotria”, the wine country, and it was in the colonies near Metaponto, by Pantanello in Basilicata, that ancient wine production relics are found. It has been proven that wine production was common here starting with the year 1300 BC.

Thus, archaeologists found seeds, fruit, vines and even grapes, remnants of “vitis vinifera”, a full-bodied, deciduous vine which has probably been used since the 4th century BC.

In this context it is almost surprising that Basilicata first got its third DOC as late as 2005, when Matera DOC was finally approved.

The vineyards are located at altitudes of up to 700 meters above sea level, stretching over 1,500 hectares and with a production area that covers quite a few municipalities.

For the wine tourists, Matera DOC offers some amazing scenarios, with its highly placed vineyards. The future will tell whether the quality of the wine is as high as the location of the vineyards, and we are continuously updating the Italian Wine Guide with information regarding these wines as we taste them.

In Matera DOC, there are produced six types of wine: three red and three white, one of which is a sparkling wine. 

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