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Region: Apulia (Puglia)

Ostuni DOC

Located north of Brindisi, distributed on three beautiful hills on the ramification of the Murge Mountains and all the way to the Adriatic Sea, the ancient city of Ostuni has a lovely view of a landscape with green hills, “trulli’s” (small, round whitewashed stone houses), olive groves and sandy beaches.

Archaeological excavations indicate that in prehistoric times, the city was inhabited by the Messapinians, an ancient people probably originating in Crete, as well as Greek immigrants, who called their community “astuneon”, meaning “new town”. The area is dotted with relics from ancient civilizations, including ancient olive groves, caves, prehistoric wells and dolmens that stand as monuments of past cultures.

In Ostuni, white wines and red wines are produced, which, placed in the right hands, can be interesting. The white wine, Ostuni Bianco DOC or Bianco di Ostuni DOC, is good and rather neutral, while the red Ostuni Ottavianello DOC, or Ottavianello di Monreale DOC, provide spiciness and good fruit.

Don’t worry if you have never encountered an Ostuni DOC. It is rarely seen outside the zone, which comprises the towns of Carovigno, San Vito dei Mormanni, San Michele Salentino and parts of Latiano, Ceglie Massapico and Brindisi.

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