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Region: Apulia (Puglia)

San Severo DOC

According to ancient legends, the town of San Severo, located in the province of Foggia, was founded by the legendary Thracian king Diomedes and was later called Castrum Dionis. Although this is believed to be merely a legend, the district has been inhabited since the early Stone Age.

Later, during the Middle Ages, when San Severo was under the rule of the Benedictine Abbey of Torremaggiore, the city obtained economic importance. Later, the Knights Templar dominated it, and when they were dissolved, San Severo shifted to Royal recognition with the Counts of Vico. As a consequence, the feudal area was dominated by Di Sangros Torremaggiore, which, bearing the title of “The Princes of San Severo”, maintained its rule of the city until 1809.

Wine wise, San Severo is the most productive DOC zone in Apulia, although some believe that the northern part of the zone, La Capitanata, is best suited for cereal cultivation. However, you will find interesting wines there.

The vineyards are situated in the San Severo municipality, all in large flat areas in the province of Foggia, which provide good value for the money. Three types of wine are dominant, but the white wine is the largest in terms of volume. Generally, the wines are mostly produced on the red Montepulciano variety as well as the white Trebbiano Toscano and Bombino Bianco varies.

The San Severo DOC wines are quite neutral, but here and there, they do present some interesting traits.

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