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Region: Apulia (Puglia)
Zone: Nardò DOC

Nardò Rosso DOC

Facts about this wine

Wine: Red wine
Taste: Dry
Volume: Medium
Storage potential: 3 years

Nardò Rosso DOC is a red wine produced near the town of Nardò and is a typical representative of the grapes Negroamaro (80-100%) and Malvasia Nera di Brindisi and/or Malvasia di Lecce and Montepulciano (0-20%), which is the same grape composition used to produce Nardò Rosato DOC.

The wine has a more or less intense ruby red color, which gets an orange tinge with age, it has a vinous and intense bouquet, and a balanced taste, with a slightly bitter aftertaste. The taste is velvety and tannic.

Aging potential is up to 3 years.                                              

A barrel aged Nardò Rosso Riserva DOC is also available.

Great dishes to have with Nardò Rosso DOC

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