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Region: Molise

Biferno DOC

This zone is named after the Biferno River, which in ancient times was known as Tifernus. It was first in the Middle Ages that the river began to be called Biferno, and some historians believe that the name is due to the river's source, which is from two different locations in the district of Boiano.

According to legend, the first residents, the Samnites, were led to the area by a holy bull ("bue" in Italian) and settled at the river's source, Boiano, which is derived from the Italian word for beef.

The zone, Biferno DOC, covers a rather dry area along the Biferno River, between the region's capital, Campobasso, and the coast of the Adriatic Sea. The area has a limited yield, but, on the other hand, good potential, especially in the red wine, Biferno Rosso DOC.

The production area encompasses 40 comuni in the Campobasso province along the Biferno River.

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That Italy in 2011 was the worlds largest wine producer?