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Wine for Egg dishes?

We've found 8 wine(s) in our Italian Wine Guide which are good for Egg dishes.

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Region: Molise

Pentro d’Isernia DOC

Pentro d’Isernia (or Pentro) is a difficult zone to place on the wine map, because until now, there's been so little wine from this region that its qualities are almost impossible to prove.

Pentro's wines are grown on the hills along Verrino and in the Volturno valleys in the Isernia province. There is excellent potential for three wine types, but an extremely limited production means that the wines from here are still a well-kept secret and thus difficult to describe in detail.

We do have to add that a steady increasing number of producers are well underway with shaking the dust off of the region's wine image, and they've actually succeeded in creating wines of high and stable quality.

On the grape side, the primary focus is on the green Trebbiano Toscano and the red Montepulciano and Sangiovese grapes.

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That Italy in 2011 was the worlds largest wine producer?