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19 wine(s) from Calabria which are good for white meat

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  • Rosé Wine

    Bivongi Rosato DOC

    This rosato is produced using the same grapes as Bivongi Rosso, Gaglioppo (locally, Magliocco) and/or Greco Nero (Maglioccone) (30-50%), Nocera and/or Calabrese (known locally as Nero d'Avola) (30-50%) and/or Castiglione (30-50%) with permission to use up to 15% non-aromatic grapes.

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  • White Wine

    Cirò Bianco DOC

    A Calabrian white produced using the significant Greco grape (90-100%) with the addition of Trebbiano Toscana (0-10%)

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  • Rosé Wine

    Cirò Rosato DOC

    Made from the same grapes as Cirò Rosso, those being Gaglioppo (95-100%) as well as Trebbiano Toscana and/or Greco Bianco (0-5%).

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  • Rosé Wine

    Donnici Rosato DOC

    Donnici Rosato has a more or less intense pink colour. It has a characteristic and delicate bouquet together with a fresh, balanced taste.

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  • Red Wine

    Donnici Rosso DOC

    A rare one, but Donnici Rosso can be a quite refreshing wine when enjoyed young, preferably lightly chilled.

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